Crewed charter

Luxury yachts can be chartered only with full crew, which mostly includes captain, deckhand, cook and a hostess. This is a good way for you to relax and enjoy while on vacation and literally doing nothing. Everything is taken care of by the crew members. On luxury yachts crew quarters are separated from the guest area, so you do not have to worry about not having your privacy, because there is plenty of room for everyone. Each member of the crew has his own duties, and they are all professionals, so you can rely on them regarding everything. Captain's assignment is to navigate the yacht and to set an itinerary, always in agreement with you; sailor is servicing the boat, keeping it in a good condition, and also helps the captain during docking and takes care of minor maintenance when necessary. Hostess keeps the interior of the boat clean and tidy. The chef takes care of the menu, preparing meals and supplying the boat with necessary groceries. More detailed description of the jobs of all crew members you can find in The Crew section. As long as you have the entire crew on board, you do not have to worry about anything, but simply relax and enjoy your trip.

Yacht crew When you are at sea, every member on the boat is responsible for something and has his own assignments. The whole crew must be coherent, well organized and fully equipped in order for sailing to be successful. When you charter a boat, you are also a crew member, not just a passive bystander. Whether you will rent bareboat, skippered or fully crewed yacht, depends on your experience but also on the type of yacht you want to rent. Mega yachts are always chartered fully crewed, while smaller yachts can be chartered bareboat or with skipper and/or hostess. For more information on rol…   Details >>
Captain Captain is the highest ranked officer on board. There are different categories of captains, as there are different categories of boats, but one thing is sure, captain is always right and he has the last saying in all ship matters. Captain's job is to drive the yacht, as well as taking care of necessary paperwork and making sure that everything goes well. Of course, you can arrange your itinerary with him, but in case of bad weather or any other problem while on sea, you must always obey the captain and do as he tells you. Every crew member has his assignments, but the captain never d…   Details >>
Skipper Skipper's main assignment is to drive a boat, but if there are no other crew members, then he is also in charge of maintenance of the boat, doing repayments on the boat, providing necessary paperwork in marinas, transferring boats from one marina to the other and between the charters and other necessary work. Skipper can also advise you on visiting some places you do not know about, answer your questions and even help you with you navigating a boat. His main task is to drive a boat and secure your safety. He also often cleans the boat and does all chores that are necessary for normal…   Details >>
Hostess Hostess keeps the boat clean and tidy, and when there is no chef she is also in charge of preparing meals. Usually there is a lot of work to be done on the boat, so the best way to have it all done is to split the chores between the crew members. The assignments of a hostess depend on whether she is alone on board or one of the crew members. When hiring only a hostess, her job is to keep the boat clean and tidy, to cook (only light meals) and supply groceries, make breakfast and everything else necessary for the guest. But in this way you are in charge of navigating the boat and maki…   Details >>
Cook Cook is a crew member on larger yachts and its main role is to prepare meals and provide food and beverage for the guests. He prepares meals in accordance with your wishes, if all ingredients are available to him, but also serves meals of his choice, always in agreement with the guest. Another task of a cook is to provide the yacht with groceries, and anything that you might need, so make sure you list everything necessary for your trip. If you, by any chance run out of something, during your sailing, which is very unlikely, please show some understanding to the cook. All cooks who …   Details >>
Sailor On larger yachts, sailor is a principal crew member. While the captain is in charge of the navigation of the boat, the sailor does all the physical work. He cleans the deck, makes minor repairs, maintains the boat in good condition, helps with the docking, fills the fuel, and besides that he also helps the captain with the navigation and carrying out his orders. He is also responsible for the appearance and good functioning of the boat. When there is no security guard on board, sailor is responsible one, even though the whole crew takes care of the safety of the guests. If you have a…   Details >>
Security guard Security guard is not a principal part of the crew, so if you want to hire him also you will have to make a special request. He is in charge of providing security of the boat, guests and the crew. It is good to have security guard on board, when you anchor in marinas where lots of curious people want to enter the yacht, but this is in rare cases. Some guests do not feel safe unless there is a security guard on board, especially if this person is a celebrity or a member of his family. If you want to relax and feel safe throughout your journey, we recommend you to hire a security g…   Details >>