Cook is a crew member on larger yachts and its main role is to prepare meals and provide food and beverage for the guests. He prepares meals in accordance with your wishes, if all ingredients are available to him, but also serves meals of his choice, always in agreement with the guest. Another task of a cook is to provide the yacht with groceries, and anything that you might need, so make sure you list everything necessary for your trip. If you, by any chance run out of something, during your sailing, which is very unlikely, please show some understanding to the cook. All cooks who work on yachts are well educated professionals, with experience, and are an important part of the crew. He is taking care that everyone on board feels good about the food and sailing in general. If you are willing to try some of our local traditional meals, you can agree with the cook to make some, but please do ask about the groceries he will use, in case you do not like them or you are allergic. Also do not forget to tell the cook before you depart, if you are allergic to some groceries, to avoid health risks.

Food supply

When chartering large yachts, most guests hire a cook, but sometimes there are those who want to cook for themselves. In this case, guests themselves, are in charge of providing food and necessary groceries. Those who hire a cook must tell him all the things they will need, as well as what they would like to eat and drink. Another possibility is to tell us (charter agency) your preferences and we will inform the crew or cook about it. You can also go to shopping with one of the crew members, but no member of the crew will ever buy supplies before you say what you like or not. You should remember that food and drinks on board are not included in the charter price, and at the end of your trip you will pay certain amount to the crew. Also there is an all-inclusive option, when you pay in advance and all food and drinks on board are included in the price, but this is not a usual procedure for mega yachts.