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Our company offers a wide range of destinations for charter that can meat everyone's goals. There are many places of interest from the beautiful palm trees and sandy beaches in the Caribbean to the glamorous cruise around the French Riviera and cruising through more than 1000 islands that Croatian coast has to offer. If you are seeking for an adventure, we will be able to offer you Alaskan or Galapagos cruise. For those who are undecided, we prepared a brief overview that each destination is offering and if you are still looking for some help, our professional team will help you with any destination that is the best for you. Whatever you desire may be, we will guide you through every detail you wish to know and visit.
We proudly present all parts of the world where our luxury yachts are located and where we can send our valuable clients for their dream vacation: Pacific Islands, Indian Ocean, South East Asia, Bahamas/Caribbean, Australia/New Zealand, Mexico/Central America, South America, North America West, North America East, Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Red Sea and Gulf States, Africa and North East Asia.

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