Yachts for sale


Our clients often wonder which kind of yacht is better for purchase. There is not right yacht or wrong yachts for anyone, but instead there are many factors which contribute to the selection once buying a yacht. We strongly suggest considering following factors before making such a decision.

  • Motor yacht or sailing yachts
  • High speed performance, semi-planning hull shape or slow full displacement
  • Size restriction
  • Number of cabins you need
  • Maintenance
  • Crew/crew placement on boat
  • Places where you wish to travel

Once you establish some ground rules, here are steps to follow when buying a yacht:

Search, selection, inspection

Our brokers will provide complete and precise information following your requirements for desired yachts of our client. They will for sure advice on a yacht inspection before making any offer. Our brokers will do that for you, depending where the yacht is located.


After the inspection of all models you desired, a broker will make a formal offer for the client to the seller. This offer always includes inventory list, survey and sea trial of the yacht before any deposit is made to the seller. Once you make your offer a 10% of the total price is normal to place with your attorney or a broker. Usually within 7 days of the offer made, the seller will accept, reject or counter your offer to the broker.


After you agreed on the price the broker needs to coordinate the survey of the vessel. Survey can take from one to 15 days to complete, depending on the yacht size. Survey includes all electrical and mechanical equipment tested where the main goal is to accurately preset all yacht coasts to the buyer. Depending on the yachts size, but usually for all boats it is the most important to take the boat out of the water while survey is taking place. It is normal, that the service of survey and brokers commission is paid by the buyer before closing the deal.

Sea Trial

Once survey is over, the boat is ready to go back in the water and the buyer has couple of hours to test the engines and see overall performance underway. This expense usually covers the seller.


Once everything is tested, the buyer confirms and closes a contract with the broker. This signatures means that 10% is paid to the broker even though the buyer does not pay the rest. Usually many things can happen, but once the contract is signed, the 10% becomes nonrefundable. The final date of the payment is determined in the contract.


Closing the deal is a formal exchange of signatures and all necessary documents. Broker is taking care that everything goes smoothly and the buyer should have a new registration and insurance at this point. Our team will assist you to establish all necessary documents and insurance required.


Many luxury yachts are registered and flagged offshore. There are 3 very popular places: the Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and Marshall islands as the yacht registry services are less expensive and more protected. In order to do that, the owner is required to establish cooperation in in the jurisdiction that owns the yacht. This is the most convenient way as the taxed on the value of the hull will be avoided which makes a significant saving in your budget.

Maintenance and Crew costs

Maintenance costs depend on each yacht and we are more than happy to present costs for the yacht you purchase. Have in mind that luxury yachts maintenance costs re significant and that the owner will not make money by chartering their yachts. Owner usually charters his yacht in order to cover maintenance costs. Do not forget crew costs which can range for 7 crew members about 30.000 € per month up to 40.000 € per month.



Our brokers will make the whole process as easy and simple as possible, keeping your interests in mind the whole time. They will create a marketing plan, and the first step is to define the advertising strategy which will achieve maximum results and attract the most interested clientele.

Broker services include promoting your vessel, advertising her on the Internet to expand the overall presence in the market, connecting with the other brokers and their clients, communicating with potential buyers, taking maximum use of the existing data bases…

Every boat we sell is presented with complete specification, technical data and photographs, so potential buyers have a true and detailed image of the boats offered.
Accordingly, our brokers will advise you (if necessary) which changes might help you to present your boat in the best possible manner.

Our brokers also participate in sea trials and test drives, inform the client of all received offers and don't make any decisions without your consent. The positive outcome for both sides is often a result of broker's mediation work.

The most important thing you should do is to provide your broker with all necessary documentation and detailed information, as well as to sign a quality and satisfying contract.