Hostess keeps the boat clean and tidy, and when there is no chef she is also in charge of preparing meals. Usually there is a lot of work to be done on the boat, so the best way to have it all done is to split the chores between the crew members. The assignments of a hostess depend on whether she is alone on board or one of the crew members. When hiring only a hostess, her job is to keep the boat clean and tidy, to cook (only light meals) and supply groceries, make breakfast and everything else necessary for the guest. But in this way you are in charge of navigating the boat and making sure that everyone on board is safe. If you hire a skipper and a hostess, then the two of them are responsible for most of the things by splitting their tasks. In this way he is in charge of the exterior and she of the interior of the boat. Of course, when necessary, hostess will help the skipper to anchor in marinas or with some smaller repairs on the deck. If the hostess is a member of full crew, she is usually not in charge of groceries shopping or any other physical work. Hostess can also answer your questions, give you some advice, and explain many things regarding the local rules and traditions. She is in a constant communication with the guests and is well educated and informed so that she can help you with anything. It is important to know that you are obliged to provide her with food and berth.