Skipper's main assignment is to drive a boat, but if there are no other crew members, then he is also in charge of maintenance of the boat, doing repayments on the boat, providing necessary paperwork in marinas, transferring boats from one marina to the other and between the charters and other necessary work. Skipper can also advise you on visiting some places you do not know about, answer your questions and even help you with you navigating a boat. His main task is to drive a boat and secure your safety. He also often cleans the boat and does all chores that are necessary for normal functioning of the vessel. Important thing when chartering a boat with a skipper is good organization, achieved by splitting duties to each member on board and by good communication between the guests and skipper. You should be aware that you will be spending at least 7 days together, and both sides have to show respect and gratitude for each other. Usually guests get along great with their skipper, asking exactly that person if they come back next year. You should know that when hiring a skipper you have to provide a berth and food for him. Skipper usually stays on the boat all the time, doing his assignments, so he has no time to cook or to buy something, so make sure that you provide him with food. If you want your privacy, you can agree with skipper where and when you want to eat, but all in all most guests find it very easy to get along great with their skipper and have a wonderful vacation.