Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are faster than sailing boats; perfect for those in search for speed and excitement. Motor yachts offer luxury and comfort, more space and wider living area below decks than sailing boats in general. Motor boats and yachts are more powerful, providing all water sports and entertainment amenities; water toys, large screen TV, the latest navigation and communication systems, etc. Roomy cabins, lavishly equipped galley, sophisticated technology, spacious decks, these are the main features of motor boats and yachts. These boats do not heel over while underway, which makes your vacations a lot more comfortable. Motor yachts are easier to operate and require much less experience than sailing yachts. Their shallow draft allows you to approach some areas unreachable by sailing yachts. High speed is the great advantage of motor yachts, for it gives you an opportunity to see and do more in a short period of time.