Luxury Yachts

The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about mega luxury yachts, are definitely luxury and comfort. Luxury yachts are vessels longer than 20 meter (60-65 feet) luxuriously furnished and equipped. They can be chartered only with the crew, consisting of the captain, cook, sailor and hostess that are obligated to take care of everything they are trained for. Some mega yachts have more than 4 crew members, sometimes even up to 70 crew members. Of course, you can participate in choosing your itinerary, menu or other things, but you should always listen to the captain in case of any problems or bad weather, because he is the most experienced one.

Luxury yachts are vessels that are more similar to the floating houses than boats. You can be sure that you will get special comfort and deluxe treatment, both, on longer cruises and short ones. What yacht you will choose depends on your needs, but it is guaranteed that whichever yacht you choose, you will certainly have the most pleasant and luxurious cruise ever. The main advantages with all the crew on board, is that you do not have to worry about anything, and you can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery.

The crew quarters (cabins and bathrooms) are usually separated from those of a guest, so you can count on having as much as privacy as needed. The rest of the yacht is fully equipped with everything you might possibly need. Also, because of the size of the yacht and its spaciousness, it is unlikely for even the most sensitive ones to have sea sickness or similar problems.