Day 1
Your first day starts in St Anne, Praslin, where you can enjoy a light lunch before setting sail to Curieuse. This small island is characterized by its bare red earth and is home to the magnificent Coco de mer palm. The whole of the island is designated as a national park and there is a conservation station for breeding the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, of which more than 300 inhabit the island.

Day 2
Continue your charter to the island of Grande Souer that is a haven for sea turtles and a myriad of brightly colored fish. It is a great location for diving and the white sand beach at Anse Marie-Louise, which is enclosed by giant granite boulders, provides a great location for fishing.

Day 3
On the third day of your charter sails to La Digue- the fourth-largest island in Seychelles. It preserves at traditional Seychellois way of life and ox-carts and bicycles are the traditional way of transport. Diving is outstanding off the boulder formations, and the snorkeling is fantastic in the calm and warm waters.

Day 4
 Continue your cruise to Praslin, the second largest island of the Seychelles. Visit Vallee de Mai, one of the world's smallest natural heritage sites, highly recommended and one can again experience the unique Coco de mer and vanilla orchids. The richness and variety of plant and animal life is astounding.

Day 5
Cousin Island is a nature reserve where you can find variety of different animals and plants. There are also interesting reptiles and giant tortoises. There are many great dive sites around the boulders as well as snorkeling in the shallow waters.

Day 6
Continue your cruise to Aride Island the northernmost granitic island of the Seychelles. Whole of Aride is designated as a nature reserve and the only people living on the island are the four park rangers and two wardens. Fishing is also quite superb in this area, from deep sea to bone fishing.

Day 7
Your last night we suggest spending in Praslin before you return in the main base.