Days: 7 days
Base: Levkas

Levkas, in the center of the Ionian Sea, is a mountainous and beautifully green island, separated from the main land only by a narrow channel. From this starting point, you can venture out and discover these beautiful sailing grounds.

The islands off Levkas
Directly before Levkas lays the island of Meganissi with the village of Spartohori nestled at the base of the hills. After a short climb, you are rewarded with beautiful panoramic views. Also within easy reach of Levkas is the island of Skorpios, owned by the Onassis family. The islands Kalamos and Kastos are well kept secrets that allow you to see a part of Greece virtually untouched by tourism.

This is the largest of the Ionian Islands and rewards its visitors with its diversity.
The calm green hills on the east coast contrast with the impressive jagged cliffs on the west coast. The enchanting village of Fiskardo is situated in the North. Here you can enjoy the rustic Greek ambiance of its many restaurants and bars right at the harbor or stroll through the lovingly restored houses. In Agia Eufemia, which lies just a few miles south, visiting the grotto of Melissani is a must. In calm weather, the village of Assos is also well worth a visit. Another attraction not to be missed is the famous Robolla wine, for which the island is well known.

This Island, famous as the home of Odysseus, is also known as one of the most beautiful islands. On the east coast the two villages Frikes and Kioni welcome you. The main village Vathy can also be used as a convenient supply base. When anchoring in the bay of Pera Pigadi, you can follow a path up to the plateau and visit the Spring of Arethusa.

Zakynthos is the southernmost island in the Ionian. Anchoring near the famous blue grottos or visiting the bay of wrecks on the west coast make this island well worth the trip. In calm weather, you can also spend a day in the large sandy bay of Laganas in the south.

Gulf of Patras
Another interesting variation is a trip into the Gulf of Patras. The route will lead you to Navpaktos, a harbor and fort built by the Venetians. On the way to Galaxidi you will pass Trizonia. From Galaxidi you can take a taxi cab to Delfi, the famous temple of Apollo and the legendary oracle of ancient Greece.

For the more experienced sailor, the sailing route can also lead you north starting from Nydri. When leaving the protected sailing grounds between Levkas and the mainland through the channel, bound for Corfu, the maestral can show its strength. As a reward, Corfu will welcome you with its almost Italian atmosphere and exciting lifestyle. Along the mainland, the harbors of Mourtos, Parga or the Ambracian Gulf deserve to be mentioned.

Paxos und Antipaxos
You should not pass up a chance to visit Paxos. The main town is situated in one of the most beautiful natural harbors in Greece. Or you can anchor in the bay of Antipaxos, with its Caribbean feel and turquoise bordered beaches.