Days: 10-14
Base: Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Lizard Island Cape York

Day 1-4. Island hopping (Green Island -Norman reef -North Opal) ….diving, turtles and manta rays
Day 5-6. Cold Hole - Lizard Island and visit the resort
Day 7-9. Lowray Passage…visit deserted beaches
Day 10-12. Tijiou Reef - Forbes Islands
Day 13-14. Albany Passage - Cape York

Days: 5
Base Great Barrier Reef - Cairns Townsville

Day 1. Barnard Islands - Mourilyan harbor
Day 2-4. Bedarra Island Resort -Hinchinbrook Island group
Day 5. Palm Island group - Townsville
Days: 4
Base: Whitsunday Region

Day 1. Hamilton Island - Whitsunday Islands
Day 2. Diving or snorkeling from Nara to Hayman Island
Day 3. Taking a helicopter in order to enjoy Hardy Reef
Day 4. Black Reef - Hamilton Island

Days: 10-14
Base: Kimberley Broome

Day 1. Wyndham..Visit the Kimberley's
Day 2-3. King George River - Tranquil Bay
Day 4-6. Mitchell River - Hunter River
Day 7. St George Basin
Day 8 -10. Prince Regent River - Kings Cascades-Montgomery Reef
Day 11-14. Ruby Falls -Cockatoo Island (oysters from the rock) - Broome